Shout Outs!

Recognition from team members

“Sara killed it with the client user testing feedback. She sorted so much data and created an amazing presentation for us to send over to the client. Cannot thank you enough!”
- Lee P, Project Manager

“Thanks for working tirelessly on every new product we ever set into motion, and getting to know it like the back of your hand. You saved me on more than one occasion knowing a capability of a new product before anyone else.”
- Nick V, Project Manager
“Sara has been a great help during the process of revising and building my first custom project. Sara possesses a great attitude in mentoring, suggesting and collaborating throughout the process. Thank you for your valuable input.”
- Fabian Q, Designer

“Sara has been working with me on a few difficult or problem child clients. We got two of them launched and she was always willing to help and even hop on calls to calm the client as they had gotten fed up with me and kept the project moving. Her calm tone throughout the process dealing with crazy people is greatly appreciated...”
- Lee P, Project Manager​​​​​​​
“...She is always happy to share her wisdom and design experience with me, and I am very grateful. I’m in the beginning stage of designing my first custom site, and Sara has sent me tons of site inspiration, great discovery call pointers, and she jumped on the kick-off call to help me out. Thanks for all that you do, you are very appreciated!”
- Rebecca T, Junior Designer

“Sara is just a life saver. She hopped on a last minute client call to discuss functionalities and design with the client to sure things up during beta. The client loves Sara and she just knows how to navigate the clients requests and put them into life. I can't thank her enough!”
- Lee P, Project Manager

“Thank you Sara for your QA work on the Booking Mask Project. The project had deadlines that kept changing every day, but went better than I had hoped because of you attention to detail, being organized and finding things I broke.”
- Levi M, Developer

“If she’s not kicking butt on design, she’s answering questions. If she’s not answering questions, she’s finding ways to help everyone on the team. Sara is awesome...”
- Daniel L, Junior Designer
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