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UI Design, User Experience, Branding

Creating a community
Feeding my Kid is a one-stop online resource for parents who want to foster healthy eating habits for their kids. The goal was to create a community around the site which would house a wealth of information including articles, videos, recipes, and a directory of experts such as nutritionists and psychologists. The new site would also have a forum for parents to gather and connect, in addition to a user portal where members could save content and check messages.

Roles: UI Design, User Experience, Branding
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From the ground up
This was a huge undertaking, requiring a lot of thought, planning, and research. For this project, I created the site map, information architecture, user flows, wireframes, Axure prototypes, and the final design. The largest challenge was the scope of the project and the amount of content that needed to be organized and accessed in a user-friendly way. Careful planning was required at each phase, collaborating with the client to ensure goals and expectations were met.
sitemap preview
Wireframe of homepage
feeding my kid logo
A new identity
When our client approached us, the idea was in its infancy. The brand needed to feel kid-friendly and approachable, yet mature enough to convey that the site was for adults. Playfulness is imbued through the hand-drawn aesthetic of the decorative elements on the site, rounded buttons and a not-so-serious sans serif font. The colors are bright and young, without seeming juvenile. 

The logo needed to convey the essence and goal of the site, with a focus on food and nutrition. The name needed to be clear, and the client required a logo that would be easily integrated into future marketing materials or products. The logo concept that emerged incorporated a chef’s hat as a part of the name itself. A hint of whimsy with the parent-oriented name successfully fulfilled the client’s requests. While I created the logo concept and rough sketch, the final execution was outsourced to an established illustrator.
homepage snap shot
Recipe page design
Experts page design
Shopping page design

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