User Experience, Processes

Function first
While design has been my main focus throughout my career, documentation has always been a part of the process. I am often asked to contribute to these tasks, due to my knack for analytical and critical thinking.

Roles: User Experience, Processes
Functionality specifications
Every design requires accompanying functionality specifications for development. I meticulously outline the functionality of each site I design. This ensures that the site most closely represents expectations once delivered from the developer, reducing back-and-forth and helping to keep projects on schedule. Keeping meticulous documentation also helps with the QA process, reducing unnecessary doubled efforts.

I have also contributed to writing requirements documentation for internal products. This required research, and conceptualizing and fleshing out user stories, ensuring that all potential use-cases were considered. It was important that all aspects were thought through at an early stage for ease of development. A team member praised my contributions, stating that I had been one of the most thorough of those participating in the documentation.

I have also contributed to internal process documentation that helped streamline team efforts as deliverables were completed. Most notably, I have assisted with documents involving QA in an effort to coordinate expectations across teams and to establish a process that could be followed for all projects.

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