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An island retreat
Grand Roatán is a beachfront resort in Honduras attracting both families and couples seeking a unique getaway in the Caribbean. The goal of this website redesign was to highlight both the intimate suites and spacious condos that Grand Roatán offers, making it easy for visitors to find and book the space that fits their needs. The new website also needed to highlight the resort’s real estate offerings and their commitment to social responsibility. 

The design has been recently refreshed by another team member. Elements of this original design can still be seen on the live site.

Roles: UI Design, User Experience
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Clear as the Caribbean
One of the challenges the client faced, was marketing to two different demographics: couples and families. They had trouble conveying that the property has diverse accommodations suitable for each group. To address this, I added a large callout on the homepage to funnel the targeted demographics to appropriate room types. In addition, the accommodations are categorized and separated into tabs on the room listing page, making it easier to identify appropriate accommodations based on capacity and travel purpose. 

Call outs were added strategically to funnel the user to detail pages. Content was reorganized throughout the site, making it easy for visitors to learn more about the resort and location. The navigation was simplified for a more user-friendly experience, with real estate highlighted for more prominence.
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Island vibes
New visual elements, such as coral shapes and soft tones were introduced to the site. Along with strong use of video and large imagery, these additions help convey the island feel and transport the viewer to their Honduran getaway. The pages are left airy and content floats to give a relaxed and unencumbered feel.
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