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UI Design, User Experience

Enrollment made easier
Florida Virtual School is a fully accredited, online school that provides personalized learning and free education to Florida students. They needed to visually unify their online presence by updating their public course enrollment page to resemble their backend portal. They also required a seamless experience across all devices, which meant creating a better mobile experience for course enrollment.

Roles: UI Design, User Experience
Course list displayed on a laptop
An updated experience
New functionality was added for a better user experience. In the course selection page, a filter was added for stronger search capabilities and to make finding classes easier and faster. Checkmark icons are added next to course names when they are selected as a quick indication of which items have already been added to the student’s backpack. 

User flows were simplified throughout to allow students to accomplish goals with fewer clicks. They now have the ability to add or remove courses directly from the course list, instead of being sent to the backpack page to perform these tasks. This allows the student to remain focussed on refining their course selection by eliminating the back-and-forth page navigation. 

Within the account creation funnel, a progress tracker has been added to let the user know where they are during the process and help reduce bounce rate. To keep the form clean, the user can easily add or remove fields with the click of a button, instead of being visually overwhelmed by unnecessary field options.
Filter UI
Form UI
A mobile upgrade
The redesign provides a streamlined mobile experience for increased user engagement. Course categories have been grouped together and courses have been placed into accordions. This reduces scrolling, allowing students to quickly find classes. The backpack button and search bar are fixed on the screen for easy accessibility. The backpack button displays how many courses have been added for students to see at a glance without needing to navigate to the backpack page.
Course list displayed on a phone
Site screens displayed in several phones
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